About This Blog

My blog is made to educate the world about immigration and the struggles that international students, or teachers, face to come into the country. I am writing to tell the stories of what is happening to international students, or immigrants in general. My first blog, “The American Dream. Or is it even a dream at all?” gives you a taste of what this blog will become.

I am currently a junior at West Virginia University and my major is journalism. My dream is to travel the world and become a travel journalist. I have been so blessed enough to get out of Charleston, West Virginia and see more of the world. I have been to London and Italy, which is where this picture was taken, as well as the Bahamas. What I love about traveling is how truly humbling it is and seeing the world how others do. It gets you out of this stuck perspective and you open your mind to new ideas and to a new perspective of life.

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