Immigration Today

It is obvious how different immigration is today. With all the new executive orders being signed, Trump being in office has really changed EVERYTHING about immigration.

Currently, the immigrant population in the U.S. has slowly dropped. In a NY Times article, it quotes an immigration expert saying that, “This really hasn’t happened since the Great Recession. This should be very concerning to the administration that its policies are scaring them away.”

Is immigration good for our society? That is a very popular question. Apparently, mostly Democrats think that immigration is good for our country.

Many people have this mindset that “illegal is illegal.” The immigration violations aren’t even criminal so that makes their argument invalid.

On the contrary, many people believe that immigration brings growth, jobs, and diversity to the United States.

I agree that immigration is very important for the economy. The fact that the population of immigrants is decreasing may change everything for the United States.

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