Immigration Prisons

Immigration prisons are the new talk of politics.

In 2018, the Trump Administration has locked up an average of 42,000 immigrants. These prisons include asylum seekers, which mean children as well, and legal residents who have committed crimes. The major problem about these immigration prisons is the fact that children are in the mix of this mess. In Denver, there is a story of an infant who lost one-third of his body weight in ten days. Also, children are getting their fingers torn and cut by the heavy doors they are being confined in.

Keep in mind of these stories while I tell you that the Trump Administration wants to expand the system of these facilities so that they can keep immigrant families incarcerated for a longer period of time.

The good news is that people are fighting against the rights of running these immigration prisons.

In Florida, nine protestors stood in front of the entrances of these private facilities to advocate the shut down of the immigration prisons.

But, if we take a look back into history, immigration prisons didn’t last. America didn’t have these immigration prisons for the first century of its independent governance. The last time they existed were in the late 1890s. In the late 1890s, immigrants were held in warehouses. When Dwight Eisenhower was in office, they were to a near vanishing point where immigrants were able to live freely or in shelters.

The fact that we are repeating history is quite terrifying.


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