International students deal with more than ever imagined

It is becoming more difficult for international students to travel over seas to gain a better education.

Lets talk about what is happening in Massachusetts. Just about a month ago, University presidents are frustrated, and growing more frustrated at the White House’s immigration policies. They have even written a letter to the Congress delegates about their frustration.

43 presidents of universities in Massachusetts explained in their letter that, “Even students with valid visas have had those revoked when they are beginning to travel back to campus from overseas, or when they arrive at Logan Airport in East Boston.”

They said that because a 17-year-old Palestinian resident flew into Boston to study at Harvard University but he was refused entry at the airport days before classes were supposed to start. The President of Harvard was enraged by what had happened to one of his students. He was so angry that he wrote a letter to Homeland Security that expressed his concerns.

Another thing that happened this year is ICE setting up a fake university in Michigan. They named it the University of Farmington, in which they enrolled hundreds of foreign international students that were told they would be able to remain in the United States. ICE made it seem like a University by having an office, not a school, function as one.

It was ICE’s way to catch immigration fraud. Eight “recruiters” of the University were charged and arrested. The “recruiters” had enlisted 600 people and even made a profit of more $250,000 for bringing in students.

But wait, it gets even more crazy. The indictment said that, “Each of the foreign citizens who ‘enrolled’ and made ‘tuition payments to the University knew that they would not attend any actual classes, earn credits, or make academic progress toward an actual degree in a particular field of study.”

An immigration lawyer stated that some students had believed they were enrolling in a real university with the true intention to be a part of a learning program. Because of that, he saw that the making of the fake university was misleading.

This week, I want to take the time to go more into personal accounts of what immigrants, or international students and faculty go through. Immigration has been a major topic for a while, so rather than just explaining news and what is happening around the world, I want to go deeper into the personal accounts of how the new immigration policies are changing peoples’ lives.

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