Immigration Discrimination

Immigrants face a lot of discrimination, especially in the work place. 

In Woodburn, Oregon, a school district didn’t hire someone for a teaching job just because of their citizenship status. This person was eligible to work and was a U.S. resident, not a citizen. 

Apparently, the school district’s hiring committee thought that this person was perfect for the job but they looked more into this person and asked for documentation to verify his citizenship status and work authorization. He was the only person they did this to. 

They did everything that the Immigration and Nationality Act tells them what not to do. The act doesn’t allow employers to refuse hiring just because of their citizenship status and prohibits them from requesting specific documentation to prove that they are eligible to work based on their citizenship status. 

Although, the applicant for the job did get something out of this. The Woodburn District had to pay the applicant almost $6,000. Now, the Woodburn district has to be monitored and trained for three years. 

Facing discrimination in the work place is one thing, but they also face discrimination where they live.

For almost a decade, a young woman from Guyana lived in her apartment in New York. She eventually had money problems and struggled paying her rent. That’s when her landlord started making problems by threatening that the landlord will report her to immigration authorities. 

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