Immigrant dies in the custody of ICE

A man from Cuba has been in ICE detention, or what they call immigration jail, for six months. For six months, he has been seeking asylum but he was never received because border patrol saw him as “inadmissible.” On Tuesday, he took his life in his cell. 

He is “the second person to die in ICE custody during the current government fiscal year, which began this month. Eight people died in the last fiscal year ending in September,” says abcnews. 

He became so angry and disappointed after his court hearing on October 9. He was told he needed to provide more evidence of the political attacks he went through when he lived in Cuba.

Apparently, in Cuba, he was persecuted by the Cuban government for speaking out against them and tried three times to leave the country. He was even put in jail for nine years for that. 

He had gone on a hunger strike because of the abuse he faced while in detention.  Officers told ICE he missed his ninth consecutive meal as a way to show his frustration with the immigration process. 

As you can tell, everything is becoming more and more stressful for immigrants. They are becoming impatient because they do everything they can to make things happen for them, legally. It is difficult reading that things are not working out for them, no matter how hard they try. 


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